Meet the Team

Sheldon - Claims he is the "owner"


Dan - Master of Memories
You can contact Dan by emailing or calling, he is generally to go to guy for most things, if you need help with something, advise, website problems, specialist quotes, Cine Film Transfers or whatever it may be, call Dan he will be more than happy to help!


Chris - Curator of Memories
Brings most of the memories back to life! Specialises in Editing, VHS and Hi8 Transfers. Chris is great to speak to sometimes if you need some technical advise!


Cassie - Post Master
Incoming and Outgoing mail all goes through Cassie, she checks in the orders, updates the invoicing system and makes sure everything runs smoothly from that end. If you have any questions about deliveries or you are awaiting return of your tapes after receiving your DVDs be sure to let Cassie know and she will send them straight out to you! © 2012